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The Team

Andy – Digital Print Operator


Andy has been with DCB for 4 years now, recently returning after a short hiatus. Andy fell ill during a practice session with Print Search FC and needed an emergency brain operation (he assures me this was no reflection on the quality of the team’s playing!) but approached his near death experience with his own unique brand of laid back positivity, making a stunningly quick recovery and returning to work in record time. You can’t keep a good man down!

Though he’s now retired from playing football he still watches his beloved United as often as he can and is learning to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life with his lovely lady Sophie and their beautiful 15 month old daughter Skyla.



Gary – Finishing Manger


Gary has been in print since 1986 though he’s also managed to fit in stints selling car parts, in the TA, as a Cadets Instructor and as a Mountain Leader into his busy life. A regular outdoorsman he enjoys camping, hill walking and mountain climbing, his highest peak to date being the 10500 foot Tete Rousse on Mont Blanc. He’s made 4 attempts at the summit so far and swears he will conquer it before he dies, if it doesn’t kill him first!

Gary loves telling the story of how he met and courted his American wife online, chatting her up with his knowledge of American Football (he’s a Patriots fan whereas she’s Giants) and staying up late into the night every night to woo her before biting the bullet and traveling out to meet her. They’ve been married for over two years now and he couldn’t be more smitten. What a romantic!



Kevin – Production Director


Family man Kevin is Print Search’s Production Director. With twenty years of experience within the print production arena, he manages the lithographic and digital production units here at Trafford Park.

Married with two girls, two pet dogs and several fish, he is a life-long Liverpool supporter and a self-confessed karaoke king. His favorite hits are by boy bands Boyzone and Take That (his daughters must love that) and when he has the time, he’s also a keen cyclist and gym member.

On top of all that, Kevin is an enthusiastic expressive dancer. Only after a few beers, mind you!


Stuart – Litho Print Operator



Stuart joined Print Search with the inception of the Aspen litho production facility and brings a total of 32 years print experience (and he feels every one of those years). He likes to describe himself as Chief Machine Wrangler, though perhaps that’s just because he never lost his childhood dream of being a cowboy.

Fun-loving Stuart refuses to take himself too seriously and his friends describe him as “the oldest Chav in town”. He’ll never pass up the chance to don some fancy dress after a pint or two and though he’d like to think he has the gift of the gab his ribald sense of humour will often get him into more trouble than it gets him out of!

Stuart’s hobbies are playing (i.e. watching) football and doting on (i.e. embarrassing) his 3 daughters.



Zak – Digital Print Operator


Zak has been with DCB Digital for a year now, previously working as a print finisher. He likes to think of himself as a bit of a Gangsta, though actually he’s a good Cheshire boy born and bred and still living at home.

Zak regularly fills the digital print room with his favourite hip hop classics at a volume his parents would likely not tolerate! Zak is a life-long City fan and enjoys playing with Print Search FC’s team as well as working out at home. He lists his other interests as films and his girlfriend (not necessarily in that order!)